Why choose industrial ironing machine produced by HuaYi Washing Machinery?
Compared with products developed by other manufacturers, ironing machine is more competitive in both price and usability. Shanghai HuaYi Washing Machinery Co.,Ltd implements the quality management system throughout manufacturing processes, resulting in the high pass rate of the product. Our product is delicate in design, stable in structure, reliable in quality, and competitive in price. This explains why so many customers and enterprises will choose our product. In addition, we provide many value-added services like return and warranty, which leverages the customer experience and achieves high cost-efficiency.

Ironer from HuaYi Washing Machinery has passed international standards and HuaYi Washing Machinery becomes one of the largest exporter. Various in styles, HuaYi Washing Machinery's ironer can meet the needs of different customers. our team laundry washer and dryer will go through complete production processes. These processes include CAD construction design based on feet shape, pattern making, materials cutting, stitching, and final assembly. Its hot pump has a recycling rate of up to 99%. The product is trustworthy and believed to has a wider application in the future. Its internal structure, made of stainless steel, is corrosion-resistant.

We set the highest targets and always aim to exceed expectations. We aim to create an inspiring and uplifting experience for our customers.
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