When the weather is scorching and your feeling

by:HuaYi     2020-08-01
Dresses are fantastic, stylish options for sunny days and are much better then constricting trousers and sticky denim. Go for A-line 50s styles that are flattering and you can move in. A-line designs will allow you to run-around or even cycle in, anything too tight will be too annoying and will leave you all hot and bothered. The A-line trend encapsulates the vintage look perfectly and the sexy 50s hourglass shape is never going to be dated as it accentuates the female form so elegantly. Strapless and halter also nod to another era and will ensure a breeze on your back, so you wont get hot around the collar. Maxis are also the perfect attire for the heat, free flowing and flattering, wear with cute belts sexy sandals or sporty pumps. If you are a shorts person then the trend right now is to wear over-sized boyfriend, buttoned-up shirts as they are effortlessly cool and exude a relaxed yet sexy feeling. If you like shirts but like your style is more feminine then go for ones with Peter-Pan collars and Pussy-Bow ties. Cotton is great for a heat-wave, its ideal because it can be washed and dried. As you accumulate sweat in the heat, you need to be able to wash clothing quickly and easily in a machine. Silk and linen can both be made in washable variations as well, and it is worth seeking these fabrics to save time and effort. So as a general rule natural materials are best, so think about linen and rayon also. Remember that lighter colours are best because they reflect light and heat, which is great for the summer trends with all the white and ice-cream shades up and down the international catwalks. So bring on the sunshine....we're ready!!
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