What color (size, type, specification) is available for coin operated dryer in HuaYi Washing Machinery?
Shanghai HuaYi Washing Machinery Co.,Ltd coin operated dryer can be made in different colors, sizes, and different specifications. You may get more specific details about it on our website. To be able to fulfill the requirements of different clients, our goods are made to be of various appearances. In case you've got particular needs, you could even contact our staff to ask about the goods.

What makes us unique from other enterprises is that laundry dryer owns the performance of laundry machine and dryer. Various in styles, HuaYi Washing Machinery's laundry folding machine can meet the needs of different customers. HuaYi Washing Machinery coin laundry machine will be inclusively tested by third-party testing labs. It will be tested with regard to longitudinal and torsional stiffness, biomechanical comfort (Plantar pressure), force distribution, and slip resistance. The product is characterized by super anti-interference performance. The demand for the product has been increasing amongst the customers, showing the promising application potential of the product. There are different dimensions and weight of the product to satisfy different needs.

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