There was a time when washing clothes manually

by:HuaYi     2020-07-23
Given its place in today's household, buying a washing machine is a process which everyone has to go through at some point of time or the other. In this regard, not only are there a number of brands to choose from but a whole lot of places from which to make a purchase. There is plenty of choice in terms of features as well and ultimately it all boils down to buying a model which is the best possible balance between individual requirements and price. Irrespective of whether you select an IFB washing machine, LG washing machine or any other brand you should bear certain tips in mind while taking the final decision as these would certainly help in making the task easier. Some people might dissuade you from selecting these top of the range and premium options by saying that there are cheaper models which are just as good. However, you might as well be cognizant that while you may save on the initial purchase, such models could be extremely frustrating in terms of functionality and need a lot of maintenance as days roll by. Amongst the points to consider, the foremost pertains to whether the machine should be a front loader or a top loader as also the capacity of the drum. Most of the well known brands in this segment like LG, IFB, Electrolux and so on offer both types as well as varying capacities so the onus is on the user to select one as per his requirements. Nowadays washing machines in India come with a variety of features - auto restart, automatic drainage, child lock, hot water wash - the list could go on and on but the fact remains that not all features are useful on an every day basis. A strong recommendation in this regard would be to first conduct a thorough research and take an educated decision rather than walk into a shop and get talked by an adept salesperson into buying a machine with complicated features and high cost. Price of the machine is obviously a concern as are details like length of wash cycle, spin speed and daily maintenance. Another important aspect is the guarantee or the warranty and in this matter the buyer must try to acquire the longest possible duration over which the guarantee/warranty is valid. Promptness of the company in terms of customer service and response to complaints is yet another parameter which should be considered before buying a washing machine. While it is hardly a concern in case of reputed and reliable brands like whirlpool, IFB, LG or Onida if you are buying a lesser known brand you might as well check out this aspect. After all it is the adage 'better safe than sorry' which truly applies to such a situation.
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