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by:HuaYi     2020-08-01
In the field of advanced washing technology Samsung is the pioneer in opening new doors for advanced cleaning system. Here are some distinguishing attributes of the Samsung Washing Machine. An antibacterial agent is used to make the clothes clean and also 100% germ free by using the Silver Nino Technology. The electric bill is kept in check by the Silver Nano System in Samsung machines as in this technology they do not use hot water and so the electric bill is saved considerably. The Diamond Drum is another special feature in the latest Samsung machines which helps to retain more water as the holes are very small in these drums compared to other models so a better washing is ensured. Many of the Samsung models have 5 Star Energy Efficiency Rating and are effectively environmental friendly and cost effective also. Loading and unloading of the laundry is very easy in the new models as they are equipped with wider doors for easy access. Your washer models are configured with some special washing programs separately for towels, sportswear, white clothing, delicate and so on. Vibration Reduction technology - with this you get minimum vibration during the washing process. With the Big loading capacity the washing machine can easily take in 8 kg of load making it ideally suited for large and small house hold items. With the help of the Water level options you can choose the one suitable for you and thus save a lot of money on power as well as electric bills. The Super Dry Technology helps the laundry to be taken out of the washing machine nearly dry within short time. Some of the models also include the following features: LCD screen display, higher spin speed, temperature levels, mist shower (for ensuring proper mixing of water and detergent ), and more. Fully automatic and semi automatic Samsung washing machines are available for making the wash easier for people. Always go for the model which fits best your requirement and your pocket. Try to gain maximum by using the Samsung washing machine which gives you the cleanest, best and the most cost efficient wash with its latest technology.
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