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by:HuaYi     2020-08-05
On the other hand, the Garment Industry in rural areas has a different scenario. The rural people are happy with the handmade clothes and they don't mind about the changing face of the fashion world but look forward to clothes that last long and can be taken care of by simple home washing and ironing. The handmade clothes are expensive and so, the people try to keep clothes for a long time to stretch on the budget. The Apparel Industry keeps on varying, from adults to children. The change in trend is becoming visible with circulation of the various media and people are becoming more and more brand conscious. The changes are prominent in the urban population as the urban people always prefer to keep them updated and the changes that come up each season keep them engaged in their trail to find the best clothes within their budget. The people, who earn a fair amount of income, are getting influenced by the foreign culture and spend a lot of money on buying those kinds of clothes. Garment Industry is something that keeps changing with the change in time. Hence, a person who is involved in this industry needs to keep oneself posted on the recent developments in the fashion industry. The Apparel Industry is now reverberated with the prevailing fashion statement proclaimed by individuals from different age group. Fashion differs in various context like on basis of gender, on basis of age group, and on basis of occasion requirement (like for sports, for wedding, for office wear, or for a holiday trip. Since, there is a huge variety of clothing available both in the local as well as foreign market, it gives the people the opportunity to choose from a wide range depending upon their taste, preference and budget.
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