The push for a more eco-friendly society is not

by:HuaYi     2020-07-11
Dry Ice Blasting is quickly becoming the preferred method for industrial cleaning and pressure washing. Some of the other methods of pressure washing include water blasting, soda blasting and sand blasting. Although these methods are proven to work, they have been demoted as proficient methods of industrial cleaning because they waste precious resources and contaminate the environment in the same effort to clean. Water blasting is one common method of pressure washing, but in the process of being used, the water is contaminated by the substance being cleaned, not to mention wasted. Sand blasting is abrasive by nature and often leaves equipment damaged and possibly irreparable. This, in turn, causes expensive machinery to be disposed of in landfills or scrap yards. Soda Blasting is considered the weakest of the pressure washing methods because of its inability to penetrate through tough buildup, the length of time it takes to use and because the clean up takes longer than the actual cleaning process. When compared to dry ice blasting, none of these methods can come close to the proficiency that dry ice blasting offers. The instant evaporation of the dry ice used in the cleaning also is a contributing factor to protecting the environment. Dry Ice Cleaning is an approved method of cleaning by the FDA, USDA and EPA because it is a byproduct of other processes which minimizes the impact it has on the environment. Many other forms of pressure washing require clean up of the blasted substance which can also lead to respiratory side effects or contamination problems if the proper ventilation or draining precautions aren't taken. Not only is the pressure washing industry creating green solutions for cleaning, but the technology of dry ice cleaning is working to clean up pollution on machines and make them more efficient. Oil, buildup and other forms of discharge get stuck onto the working components of conveyers, molds and foundry equipment and have a tendency to slow the machine down, which in turn causes it to work harder and waste energy and resources. Dry ice blasting easily blasts away most hazardous buildup effortlessly, only leaving behind the removed material to be easily swept up. The effects of pollution and global warming are becoming more evident every day, but dry ice cleaning is helping power plants, factories and other industrial sites run efficiently to protect and preserve the environment.
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