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by:HuaYi     2020-07-29
Fully Automatic Front Load - This great machine possess the load capacity of 7kg with a spin speed of 1200, rpm. The prolific machine is equipped with advanced features like child lock, auto load sensor and foam sensor. The product comes with staggering dimensions of 845mm height, 597mm width, and 527mm depth respectively. Hydro Active Technology - This brilliant technology ensures that you get the best of the cleaning at minimum power consumption. You must not be surprised if the smart sensitive and eco friendly technology becomes your favorite in no time. There are two water nozzles that actually facilitate the dissolving of the detergents well and faster which indeed penetrates through the clothes to ensure a perfectly clean fabric. This is a great way to save precious energy and even gives you the desired result in minimal time. A+++ Energy Certification - The machine is bound to save energy with its certification regarding the same. This superbly built product ensures the minimum consumption of water and power. This feature truly redefines the market and popularity of the automatic washing machine at a whole new level. The 15mins Rapid Wash - The feature truly makes you save lot of time when you are in bound on a quick wash. It can spin, wash and rinse the clothes within 15 min if they are light fabric and subtly dirty. The wide drum inlet - The 330mm wide inlet is there to take care of the small and big clothes as well. No matter if you want to clean a bed sheet towel or a blanket, this big mouthed beast will do it with ease. Also the front loader mechanism lets you keep a watch on the cleaning process through glass door. Safe and Secure - The double door glass safety mechanism and child lock ensures that your family is safe while the machine is doing its job flawlessly. The machine works at 60 to 90 degrees and yet you do not have reason to worry because the precautions in built with the product. Foam Sensor - This a basic feature that enables you to understand and notice the excess of detergent used during the washing process. The automatic sensor smartly brings in to your notice when the same is used in excess. The front loading washing machine quite naturally emerges as the obvious winner amongst the race. Most amusing things about the modern technology is, that it makes life so much easier without having to put in too much of effort. I always admired the great genius Albert Einstein for his remarkable work in the development and understanding of the relativity. The thing is science will always bring in the revolutionary and stunning concepts forward to propel the humanity in the future but a caution is must to be observed as I feel if not then we will have to face the consequences on our own perils. Anyways let us hope we understand our responsibilities and duties to make sure that we do not cross the thin line between insanity and intelligence.
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