So winter is here, your woolen clothes are out

by:HuaYi     2020-08-06
Washing Alpaca Sweaters: Washing Alpaca woolen clothes can be very easy if you are using Eucalan. The ways t wash them vary with your washing machine. If you are using front loader machine then set the cycle on spin and rinse and pour Eucalan fabric dispenser into the drawer and run the cycle. Top loading machine will have a different mechanism for wool cleaning. Fill the machine with water, pour in Eucalan and add garments. Using your own hands, squeeze water and soap out of the garment and let it soak for 15 minutes. Now put the dial on spin and spin out the water. If you want to hand wash your expensive Alpaca Woolen sweater then soak the garment in a basin filled with water, put in some Eucalan, massage with hands and squeeze out extra water. Drying the Alpaca Sweater: Alpaca wool material is not dried in the dryers. You will squeeze the water out of the sweater with your hands, roll it in a clean towel to squeeze out any extra moisture. You can also spin the water out with spinner in your washing machine. Now shape your garment back to its original shape and spread it on the drying rack or place it on a towel. Do not dry wool in direct sunlight or heat. Ironing: Always use clean iron for ironing wool. Put your iron's setting on wool and iron from inside of the garment and not outside. Use a pressing cloth to make sure that the fabric does not burn. Pilling: Pilling happens when a layer of fiber starts collecting on the sweater especially in areas with friction. Small hands held electric de-fuzzers are invented to handle such things. Sweater stones and well hands can also be used to pick them off. These fibers give old and shabby look to your sweater that is not very pleasing to the eye. Lint Removing: Woolen clothes have a tendency to become electrostatic and attract things like hair and fluff. Sticky papers called 'lint removers' are available in the market to solve this problem. Keep them with you to tackle any and all lint emergencies. With these simple steps, you can handle your Expensive Alpaca sweaters the entire season with much ease and comfort and enjoy their clean and soft shine.
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