Siemens washing machines are well-known for their

by:HuaYi     2020-07-29
Siemens WM14E162GB has been sported with A-class energy and wash efficiency with B class spin efficiency not only contributes to trim down your electric bills figures but also provides you clean and hygienic clothing. With Siemens WM14E162GB dirty and satiny heap of laundry is no more as the problem, which removes any kind of stubborn stains from the clothes without harming their texture. It take cares of our delicate to rough textured clothes during wash cycle and enough smart to extract-out tinny detergent and soap particles in between the threads of fabric. As, sometime these detergent particles causes skin problems and allergies if remain with the fabric. It consumes 1.19kW/h of power and total water consumption of 49ltrs. Its interior is enough spacious with fine attachment of stainless steel tube material. Siemens WM14E162GB powerful pulsator has revolutions of 1400rpm per minute to offer you effective and clean wash. It has been design to make you available with noise-free and clam atmosphere during the wash cycle. Though, Siemens Washing Machine has some drawbacks that may make you rethink for this option. It doesn't have drying function, water control system, start delay option, energy saving trust feature and display. However, Siemens WM14E162GB proves to be worthy choice with number of useful options in pretty affordable price figures. On - you will find wide and exclusive range of quality products under the name of different brands with best online deals and discounts.
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