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by:HuaYi     2020-07-28
Another quality washing machine brand is IFB, among its many appliances the IFB Elite VX Automatic 7 kg Washer Dryer is known to be the best. The meticulous washing machine product is programmed with a 30 minute washing program. This is by far a distinctive feature among all the machines that are currently available in the market. This program ensures that the clothes that are given for washing are washed and dried within 30 minutes. Further, the washing machine is energy efficient and saves water as well. There are audio and video indicators incorporated in the washing machine product, which perfectly serves as a good alert and adds to the safety features. One more notable feature of the washing machines is that they are categorized under brands. There number of brands that are into the manufacturing and producing good quality machines. However, among them only a few are taken to be actually good enough. Here, in this article a brief discussion is provided on two of the most prominent name or brand that comes to our mind at the time of purchasing washing machines. Name of those two brands are LG and IFB. Both the brands are having good reputation in the field of developing good quality home appliances. Moreover, the name of LG can be categorized under the best machines. Over the years the company has developed some of the quality washing machines. Taking the instance of the LG F1056LDP Automatic 5.5 kg Washer Dryer, the washing machine offers its buyers with a warranty period of 10 years on its Direct Drive motor. This is the heart of the machine. The prime advantage of this model lies in its drum, which is directly attached to the inverter direct drive motor, without any shaft or rope. Among its perks the silent feature is also a plus point. Moreover, there are loads of merchandises from both these brands to select from. Both of these offer good quality and energy efficient appliances.
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