Not all of us have the privilege of a large garden

by:HuaYi     2020-07-02
We all do laundry, but where do you dry them? Do you run up huge electrical bills and use your tumbler dryer or do you hang them on your radiator unattractively?. I do have a friend of mine who routinely hangs her clothes on her radiator in all parts of the house and I have to say, does not look nice. Fortunately the brabantia wallfix wall mounted drying frame allows you to make the most of the elements buy allowing you to air dry clothing in a space conserving way. This means that your garden can remain a space that can be used for what ever purpose required, be it the kids playing football without an inconvenient pole in the middle of the grass patch to run into. This handy wall-mounted dryer will fit even the smallest outdoor area, and folds away into a compact, space-saving unit. Air drying means clothes not only smell fresher when dried outside in the sunshine, it also saves energy and money compared with tumbles drying. With the Brabantia WallFix dryer there is no need to carry, set-up or store a washing line, because it is fixed to the wall and always ready for use. Just unfold the dryer with a simple one-handed movement for a drying length of 25 meters - that's a full machine load of laundry. Easy to install, each WallFix clothes dryer is supplied with a wall bracket, fixing materials and clear step-by-step instructions, while a protective cover will keep the dryer clean when not in use. The drying frame unit can also be wall-mounted inside to provide indoor drying space on rainy days in the laundry/utility room or garage. Review Of Features: Customer Review '....I ordered my wall fix dryer which was straight forward to set up, I am very happy with it because it is so handy!. I have two little boys who love playing in the garden so the wall fix dryer makes life so much easier' Joanne Taylor '....What better way to dry clothes out in the lovely sunshine..i can think of one!'..Sarah O'Neil '....Great product, I ordered on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday, speedy service! Graham Morrison
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