My favorite device is to be my white knight dryer

by:HuaYi     2020-07-03
Now, for those unfamiliar with this rare beauty, please let me enlighten about the wonders of my Whizzer White Knight, precisely, and affectionately known as 'Hercules' in my house. The White Knight Spin Dryer may seem small and unassuming, I assure you that put this little gem is small but packs a powerful punch when it comes to the drying rate and time, compared with most large commercial and Dry condensed or broken. This magnificent instrument was designed, clean, convenient, efficient, and saves me a lot of money. White Knight Spin Dyer good old-fashioned use of the power of centrifugal force. It uses a small amount of electricity was up and running the engine produces a tremendous speed of 2,800 rpm. Most commercial washing machine spin speed ranging from about 1000 - 1600rpm, with a combined washer-dryers and dryers in mass using large amounts of electricity to heat dry clothes, so the total cost of the acquisition, management and maintenance of them to be very expensive. What I like about my white knight of the bell is that it costs me 119 pounds and was small enough to fit in the trunk of my car! It is tidy and compact, and does not have much space in my kitchen. He has, as I mentioned before, a rotation speed of 2800 rpm power. With speeds of these types of machines ranging from between 2800 - 3300 rpm you can imagine how happy I am to have a machine. Since I live in England, this part of the world's tropical climate is well known. It is often cold, cloudy and rainy, so most of the year practically impossible to use the washing line outside, so the 'white knight' are here to help! White Knight spin dryer for drying the laundry is close to bone dry in a very short period of time, without heat, which will reduce my electricity consumption and saving me a lot of money throughout the year. Drying time in my dryer and cool inside the house is very small, and to limit condensation or moisture build up inside the house, which I experienced when trying to dry the laundry before I bought my White Knight spin dryer. I found that because of my whizzer white knight does not use heat to dry, wash my clothes do not shrink or damaged in the process of drying most heated dryers do with time. So overall for me, my White Knight Spin Dryer is a godsend, it's not expensive, and I saved a lot of money in the household expenditure on fuel, he gave me results that I normally would have seen that a dryer in a laundry. It allowed me to reduce my drying time dramatically and is neat, compact, and easy to clean and carry. This machine is excellent if you do the washing machine or hand.
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