Multitudinous Brushes of automatic floor scrubber drier

by:HuaYi     2020-07-27
Different and health conditions on the ground need to use different brushes, such as epoxy floor using a soft brush, brush the wool, marble ground should use a medium hard brush, cement floor with a hard brush, if the shop has a lot of oil in jail knot on the ground, this time you need to use a wire brush. If you use the brush properly will not only bring damage to the ground, and the cleaning effect is not very ideal, so customers buy washing machines to tell suppliers staff during your company's situation and health conditions on the ground in order to better distribution for you. Floor scrubber is a hard surface cleaning machine and sewage cleaning machinery taken away from the scene. Hard mass ground General is divided into has terrazzo , and marble , and granite , and artificial stone , and floor tiles , and PVC , and fine steel Sha , and ring oxygen , material now each area of using has very general , especially some station , and Terminal , and airport , and workshop , and warehouse , and school , and hospital , and hotel , and stores , has broad hard mass ground of places , to automatic floor scrubber instead of human of concept has are has many cleaning company , and shopping centre , and property company of recognized. Yihong offers Automatic Floor Scrubber, Walk Behind Automatic Scrubbers and Ride On Floor Scrubber in uncommon sizes models give us a call at +86-371-86053830. Yihong Floor Scrubbers are simple to use and offer a combination of innovative features that deliver the best value in the industry. Yihong products have established 20% market in China and have exported to Europe, America, Russia, the Middle East, Brazil, India, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Peru etc. In 2004 Yihong had obtained ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 Environment management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, and with CE certificate for all series of road sweepers.
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