Merino ull dresses are soft, breathable and comfortable

by:HuaYi     2020-08-03
Cleaning: i. First and fore mostly, you should always read the care claim label sewn inside the garment. It provides info on how to launder, dry and iron the merino ull. The instructions varies depending on garment's styles, types and so forth. There are usually four options for cleaning your merino clothing: a) Dry clean: Dresses with this instruction should be taken to a professional dry cleaner to maintain its superior quality. b) Hand wash: If the care claim label suggest for hand wash, use lukewarm water, approx. 30 degree Celsius and a gentle detergent. Allow to soak for a period of 10 min before rinsing and then again soak it in cold water. c) Machine washable: Garments with this instruction are safely washed in a washing machine for multiple times. Also remember to wash the dresses on wool setting. If your washing machine doesn't have the wool setting option, use wash cycle for delicates or cold water wash. d) Total easy care: These dresses can be washed in a washing machine and then tumble dried on a low temperature setting. ii. Irrespective to the method of cleaning, it is advisable to launder your merino ull bukse or dress inside-out. This will protect its new look. iii. If you're washing the ull dresses with hands, it is recommended to launder them individually to avoid color transfer. And also, to avoid shrinkage or distortion, dodge excessive squeezing. Drying: Merino ull should be carefully flat dried on a pale colored towel and one which is free from lint. While placing the dress on a towel, mildly knead it by head and remove as many folds as possible. Today, you can find special garment drying mesh screens that are designed to fit over the bath tub. This speeds up the drying process. Air drying is always preferred. Ironing: Always set the iron on wool settings, too hot setting can lead to discoloration. Spray little water on the garment before applying iron, alternatively while ironing use steaming function. Note: If the care claim label advises to avoid iron, don't disobey it. After ironing, fold it neatly rather than putting it in a hanger. Hangers cause stretching and form humps on the garment shoulders. Follow the above instructions and keep your merino ull dress safe from discoloration, stretching and scorching.
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