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latest technology laundry environmentally friendly fully automatic rapid dryer machine

latest technology laundry environmentally friendly fully automatic rapid dryer machine
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Industrial dryer machine is one of our main series. Normally, we can do semi-steel and full- steel appearance. Dryer time is within 30 minutes. Our size from 12kg to 150kg, which can add coin machines for any size. Manual operation available during drying and it is very much easy to operate. Operator interface is clear and concise, and easy to understand easy to learn and easy to master; dynamic display machine running, such as the drying temperature, drying time and cooling time, fault warning. Equipped gated security linkage will stop automatic when loading door open in working process.  Equipped with independent stop switch can quickly cut off power supply when the equipment in abnormal situation to ensure safety. Recently, we released our new product, rapid dryer, which is more quicker than ordinary dryer machine. We have studied the special channel to reduce half of the time.

Product Description


  1. Dryer SUS 304 stainless steel which prevents the wash items being stained by rusty components .It can reduce damages to the laundry due to abrasion

Bigger volume design, high dry speed ,fast-heat up time .With 80% drum drum load, it takes 30minutes to dry a batch of wet clothing with 50% water content;

Bigger loading door design, easy load and unload, Equipment with door inter-lock system to stop drum rotation when loading door being opened; opens 180°, option:left or right opening.

Drums with well spread large punched holes which ensure sufficient hot airflow so that clothing is evenly dried



The drum is double polished ,run in clockwise and anticlockwise directions by selection




Automatic computer control system ,5 pre-set programs available ,self-alarm function

Fitter system which allow easy cleaning and large area fuzz collector

Motor with V-bell power transmission, low noise, low vibration, durable and easy to maintain

Heating: electrical, steam, gas, coal

Heat-exchanger adopt steel finned pipe , having a higher thermal efficiency.

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