It is simple to have batik but you must understand

by:HuaYi     2020-08-02
When youhave batik collections or only a piece of batik clothe in your wardrobe, it's essential to treat it well because during the time, if you don't do it, the color will be faded you will not comfortable to wear it. The treatment for batik is different other clothes; special treatments are needed because it uses traditional coloring techniques that require you to do it if want to keep its beautiful pattern and colors. If your batik is made from natural fiber, the treatment you must give will be more specific plus special. The first thing you can do is washing the batik clothing with shampoo. You have to dissolve the shampoo after no jelly left. There is also special detergent for batik that can be purchased in the marketplace. The price isn't too higher and it will help wash the notions but keep its beauty. Next thing you have to understand is avoiding common detergent and do not rub it when washing. If the batik isn't too dirty, you can clean it with warm water because it will take away the notions. If the batik stains enough, what you can use is toilet shampoo because it is soft and not dangerous for it. If the stains are still there, you can try other method, which is using orange juice and do not wash the batik with machine. Finally, dry your batik clothing naturally in the shade but do not extort it. Forth, don't iron the batik directly because it will make the color fades. Before you ironing it, you are able to spray the batik with water because it can prevent from direct heat. If you love giving fragrance on it, don't spray it directly. You have to avoid it, especially if your pakaian batik is made from silk or other soft fabric. It is important to put the batik in a plastic to protect it from moth. But if its kaos batik, you are allowed to put it in your wardrobe like other t-shirts because usually it is made from the same fabric, which is cotton.
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