Is HuaYi Washing Machinery professional in producing laundry washer ?
Shanghai HuaYi Washing Machinery Co.,Ltd includes a real true desire and the actual capability to supply customers with specialist laundry washer . With years of production expertise, our company has gathered extensive and specialist industry expertise. Our specialists produce solutions which will beautifully match your requirement.

HuaYi Washing Machinery is developing quickly with our constant efforts and innovation. Various in styles, HuaYi Washing Machinery's ironer can meet the needs of different customers. Featuring energy keeping, the product is marked as green energy because it consumes at least 75% less power than equivalent incandescent bulbs. Different sealing systems are available, including water sealing, stainless steel sealing, and oil sealing. This product caters to the varied requirements of our customers in the industry. There are different dimensions and weight of the product to satisfy different needs.

To meet customers' needs, our company strives to create customer value through innovation, excellence, a focus on team and respect for the individual.
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