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This series of Laundry Ironing Machine are mainly used for the ironing and ironing of sheets, bedding, pillowcases and tablecloth. Suitable for hotel, hospital, big bath, large and medium-sized old apartment, accommodation system, training base, professional laundry factory. Used to iron sheets, bedding, pillowcases, tablecloth and other fabrics; Cloth feeding system after dewatering of fabric(Slow moving conveyor belt and guide belt)and It is also pressed to the surface of the hot roller, the water in the movement is evaporated, and the wrinkles are ironed when it is dry. After treatment, the fabric has a high degree of flatness, artificial labor and low labor intensity. The product looks beautiful, the structure is reasonable, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient. This product adopts electric heating, it is ideal equipment which can use ironing machine without steam condition.

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