Introduction - AB Electrolux, often known as Electrolux

by:HuaYi     2020-07-31
Among the various household appliances manufactured by this company, the washing machines manufactured by this company are specially designed for the purpose of removing the stains from the clothes in an effortless and efficient way. Below mentioned are the types of washing machines manufactured by this company and some interesting features about it. Brief description on different types of washing machines manufactured by Electrolux This company basically manufactures three types of washing machines and they are fully automatic top loading, fully automatic front loading and semi-automatic washing machines. The fully automatic top loading washing machines are known to be equipped with Prism technology that makes sure to provide with superior cleaning and ensures gentle wash so that the fabric does not get damaged. The body of this machine is made from high quality fibre that keeps it away from rust. This makes sure to provide long life to the machine. It is also specially featured with fuzzy logic that provides the right wash for the right fabric with the fabric-sensitive pre-set program. You can easily postpone the process of washing without any human intervention. The fully automatic front loading washing machine helps in adapting to the duration of washing cycle. It is not only with respect to the fabric or temperature but also with respect to time. Due to the child lock facility in it, your kids will not be able to change the settings of this machine. It is also featured with tub that helps in saving your efforts, as it would clean the machine by itself. The semi-automatic washing machine is featured with wheels at the bottom which helps you to move the machine very easily from one place to another. It is also featured with rust free body that helps in keeping this machine away from rust, thereby provides it with long life. Due to the auto soak feature in it, it helps in washing the clothes in concentrated detergent water before the wash cycle while the pulsator gently loosens tough dirt particles to give you a better wash. It includes a buzzer that helps you to know that the wash cycle is completed. Electrolux washing machine price in India The price of these machines would depend on the types of such machines available which would usually range from Rs.7000 to Rs.36000. Conclusion - When you decide to buy his washing machine, it would be the best choice to go for online shopping as online shopping in India has proved to be very economical to many customers.
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