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by:HuaYi     2020-08-03
Robotics is the field of technology which deals and includes the study of designing, building and operation of electro-mechanical machines which can be controlled or guided by computer program or electronic circuitries. The industrial robotics is a field which deals with the design and study of the robots which are used for the manufacturing processes in the industries (formally the manipulators). The industrial robots find their various applications like that of welding, assembly, grab pick and place, ironing, testing and inspection of the products, painting. And all these works are done with high speed, precision and speed. The most commonly used industrial robots configurations are gantry robots, articulated robots and SCARA robots. Let's have an overview of these different robot configurations: ARTICULATED ROBOTS: Articulated robots can simply be defined as a robot equipped with rotary joints. The structure can range from two jointed structure which is simple enough to ten or more joints which are interactive. The arrangement of the joint is done in the chain form so that one joint can support the other joint. Including the electric motor, the power is provided by different means too. The number of joints in this particular robot depends upon the two factors that are their design and its dedicated function. The number of rotary joints is included in the articulated robots in order to provide a full range and precised motion. Generally, articulated robots are used in the manufacturing lines. Many researchers are working the betterment of the articulated robots and find their utilization in the field of developing robotic arms and in teaching the robots to walk. Moreover the joints in the articulated robots can also be programmed in such a way so that they can interact with each other for providing a higher degree of control to the robot system. GANTRY ROBOTS: For a long range heavy lifting gantry robot's use is very appreciable. Gantry robot system can be adapted according to the use as it is flexible. A manipulator is mounted on the overhead system which allows the horizontal movement of it. They are also known as linear robot or Cartesian robot. The very basic use of the linear robot is to pick and place heavy objects from one place to another, but it has another industrial applications too like for performing welding and drilling job. Their structures are different from the other robots. This very useful robot is stationary containing minimum of three moving elements. SCARA ROBOT: The acronym SCARA stands for selective compliance assembly robot arm. The work envelope provided by the SCARA is circular. Work envelope can be defined as the range of the movement of the robot. The circular envelope provides an added flexibility to it and it can be built in a smaller scale. The four axis motion is the reason behind for its circular motion. It is very much useful in aspect for the industrial applications like in pick and drop, packaging and assembly applications.
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