In the recent years, prices of fully loaded washing

by:HuaYi     2020-07-30
Thankfully, those in the developed countries are using technology to make affordable contraptions that can emulate the very simple functions of a fully loaded washing machine. Besides being very cheap, these ingenious devices are also exceptionally environment friendly. Most of these do not even need a power source! Some of these machines are yet in the testing phase, but we believe very soon in the future, the world will see these becoming more common among middle to lower class families who cannot afford to pay the price of a fully automatic washing machine. Caveat None of the washing machines we are about to describe are replacements for full fledged & best washing machine. 1. Laundry Pod: Environment friendly and hand operated, these washing machines look so cute, you could lick them! There are two rotatable drums inside this machine which is operated by a handle at the top. This handle can be retracted and used to lift the machine off the desk to any place you wish to take it. You will need much less detergent and water to use the Laundry Pod and the clothes that come out are super fresh, clean and even dry, thanks to an efficient drying mechanism that can be operated using the handle at the top! 2. Gira Dora: Another marvel of human creativity is the Gira Dora washing machine. The MIT is behind this, which means the machine is perfectly efficient at what it does. As always, you need to remember that it cannot the process because there are no computer chips which you would find in a fully automatic washing machine. However, just short of the chip, the Gira Dora lets the washer sit on top of the unit and operate it by stomping on a spring loaded pedal at the bottom which rotates drums inside the machine. 3. Wonder Wash: Got loads of soiled jeans and bedsheets but no electricity to operate a fully loaded washing machine? Don't worry, you need the Wonder Wash! If you cannot afford washing machines because of the price, you need to order one of these. Just dump in everything with water and detergent and start cranking the level attached to its side. Of course you must cap the top before you start rotating the unit. The Wonder Wash operates on the principles of centrifugal force which efficiently gets rid of all the dirt in your jeans and sheets. All these are wonderful machine that cleans clothes without electricity and require much less water and detergent. Unfortunately though, you will not find these anywhere in India, unless you order it from abroad which will add substantially to the price. As of now, if you want to buy washing machine to automate cloth washing, you will have to settle for modern fully loaded washing machines manufactured by some of the leading washing machine manufacturers such as LG.
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