IFB started entered the Indian market 1974 in

by:HuaYi     2020-07-30
Since the company has designed washers to suit all types of needs, let's have a look at the various models on offer by IFB. The Washer Dryer comes with a price tag of approx. Rs 25,000 and is meant for households that have a lot of washing loads to do. This is one of the best washers from the company and comes with a lot of added features like Steam Wash System, Air Bubble Wash System, 3d Wash System, Foam Control System, Nano Silver Wash, 7 Segment Led Display and Programme Time And Progress Indication. It has close to 100 Wash Care Programmes, with special programmes for Cotton / Normal, Synthetic, Sportswear, Delicate / Hand Wash, Intensive, Quick 20. The washer is priced at Rs. 33000, and is meant for the average household. It's a great value for money to its users. Offering a large washing capacity of 7 kg, this fully automatic washing machine has a front-loading design for added comfort. The 3D Wash and air bubble wash system of this washing machine always give you the perfect washing result. It features the Auto Imbalance Sensing and Control function that balances your load well during use. You can use it easily and effectively as it comes with a smart jog dial with On/Off timer, a 4-digit display along with audiovisual indication and Aqua Energie. Other features include program time and progress indication system, barrier free program console, 100 wash care programs and special programs for jeans, wool and delicate clothing. The Automatic 5.5 kg Washer Dryer comes at a price of Rs.24,700 and is an affordable option for many price sensitive consumers. Features like 3D wash, My Wash, Air Bubble Wash Silver Nano Paddles are just a few to name from the vast list which can give you the perfect wash every time. The capacity ranges from 9 Kg to 5 Kg and in case you prefer an inbuilt dryer then we also have that for you. IFB machines are designed to save water, detergent and energy. The Water Saving system ensures that the machines take only the required amount of water. Eco wash is a special program for light soiled clothes which uses less water and detergent to prevent wastage.
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