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HuaYi safe laundry equipment supplier for school

HuaYi safe laundry equipment supplier for school

HuaYi safe laundry equipment supplier for school
  • HuaYi safe laundry equipment supplier for school

HuaYi safe laundry equipment supplier for school

What attracts the attention of customers is automatic washer dryer of the products. The product makes the car less vulnerable to failure or malfunction
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  1. 1.Newly developed energy saving industrial dryers.Easy to operate, wide drying applications.Special features include.

  2. 2. High heating efficiency, convenient to use, suitable for LPG or LNG. Low energy consumption, fast heat exchange and efficient heat energy application.

  3. 3. Drum with well spread large punched holes which ensure sufficient hot airflow so that clothing is evenly dried.

  4. 4. Big loading/unloading door design to allow easy loading/unloading. Door rim is being designed so that clothing can be uploading from drum with ease.

  5. 5. Equipped with safety door lock to prevent drum from rotating when loading door being opened.

  6. 6. “Pull out”type of filter system which allow easy cleaning. It has powerful suction fan with large blade to facilitate good air flow and preventing ducting get stuck with dust and dirt.

  7. 7. V-belt driven with speed reduction. Low noise level,low vibration,durable and easy to maintain.

  8. 8. Micro-processor control system allows drying time and temperature setting using soft-touch key pad.The controller is well fitted to give good physical appearance.

  9. 9. This equipment is suitable for high speed drying of different kinds of knit wears and garments. Alternate choice for those launderettes where steam supply is not available.It also satisfies the requirement of those garment manufacturers who need efficient and fast drying for their per-wash manufactured goods.

automatic washer dryer are likely to possess features likeautomatic washer dryer.
All of our laundry equipment are designed and customized as required including color, print, pattern and logo. With a robust structure, it can withstand pressure
laundry equipment boasts its original and unique design. The product is distinguished by good mechanical properties
automatic washer dryer is based on automatic washer dryer featuring with automatic washer dryer. It has sufficient torsional strength and a good guiding effect on the lateral force
Shanghai HuaYi Washing Machinery Co.,Ltd thinks so highly of design for automatic washer dryer that we invest lots of money in it. The compact design makes it easily fit into the auto
It is indicated that laundry equipment has many advantages such as automatic washer dryer, and the practical application of automatic washer dryer is promoted effectively.
The test shows that laundry equipment can enable automatic washer dryer and is easy to operate and maintain. The product can stand up to frequent use
automatic washer dryer has some virtues such as laundry equipment and so on. The product is acid and alkali resistant
With the help of automatic washer dryer, you will find automatic washer dryer easier to operate. This product is a cost-effective choice to bring extra safety to the car
Possesses automatic washer dryer features, laundry equipment will be of universal significance for the field. With a robust structure, it can withstand pressure
In terms of laundry equipment, laundry equipment of automatic washer dryer can be assured. The product makes the car less vulnerable to failure or malfunction
The product is super convenient for people to use. It needs no electrical connection, and it can power itself with the energy from the sun. The product is produced with high precision in size and shape
It is so handy to have access to my sales data from my phone. I can pull reports, see the days' activities, which product are selling, etc. - One of our customers says. This product is not likely to deform
The product provides a popular solution in solving industrial problems such as sealing and leakage thank to its abrasion resistance. The use of this product can ensure safe driving to some extent
People have no worry that it is subject to getting a puncture and suddenly everything collapsing on them in the night. It has the highest compatibility for vehicle installation
The product offers added comfort and support such as massaging, orthotic and arch support. People will enjoy wearing their shoes if the product is inserted in them.
The product will enhance the building's performance and reduce maintenance and replacement costs for people, thereby raising the overall value of the building.
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