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HuaYi laundry washer directly sale for military units

HuaYi laundry washer directly sale for military units
  • HuaYi laundry washer directly sale for military units

HuaYi laundry washer directly sale for military units

Manufacturing for HuaYi automatic washer extractor involves several aspects. They include metal cutting, forming, structural forming, surface polishing, mechanical parts manufacturing, etc. Ideal for Any Lighting System
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  1. 1. Our newly designed CX series Barrier Washer Extractor meets the need of bacteria-free dust-free and anti-static requirements. Utilizing the Barrier Washer Extractor and wall partition, the laundry room can be easily divided into two separate independent operating zones, Viz: 'Clean' and 'Non-Clean' zones.

  2. 2. Launderettes will be loaded into the washing machine through the loading door from the 'Non-Clean' zone. When washing is completed,unloading will be carried out from the 'Clean' zone. Under such operation, it effectively prevents gems, bacteria and dust from 'Non-Clean' section polluting the 'Clean' zone. Thus it prevents clean laundry from being contaminated and get infected again after washing.

  3. 3. CX Series Barrier Washer Extractors are of advanced design, well fabricated, economical to operate, easy maintenance and of high performance. They are widely used by hospital. food and pharmaceutical factories, nuclear power plants etc where extremely strict dust andbacteria-free environment are being observed.

The design of HuaYi automatic washer extractor mainly includes the following processes: preliminary 3D solid modeling, finite element analysis of parts and assemblies, panel layouts, PLC programming according to IEC 61131-3 standards. Be Bright, Turn To IPON
Miscellaneous workmanship for HuaYi automatic washer extractor has been carried out. It is processed under boring, sawing, shaping, broaching, grinding, and other specific machining processes. A Smart Lighting Control Solution
Quality testing for HuaYi laundry washer will be conducted rigorously. The tests include mechanical properties, the stability of the structure, the accuracy of specifications, and so forth. IPON - Power Up Lighting Systems
Strictly quality inspection is performed on HuaYi automatic washer extractor. Dimensional tolerances, geometric tolerances, surface roughness, and heat treatment quality will be checked using advanced testing machines. Choose IPON, Choose A Brighter Future
The components and parts of HuaYi automatic washer extractor are sophisticatedly manufactured. The manufacturing processes include normal mechanical machining, special processing, and thermal treating. Built for Better Lighting Control
This product has excellent performance, durability and usability. To Control Lights. To Protect Lights
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