Health and Fitness is one of the major concerns

by:HuaYi     2020-07-25
In ancient times humans used to hunt for their daily need and requirements. This ultimately leads their body to undergo huge physical work and effort and hence balance their health and fitness. Each and every part of their body was exercised. They eat very healthy and natural food and drink pure river water that flow from various regions and along flowing the natural nutrients. So their intake was pure and full of natural and minerals. Introducing the current phase of life means today's lifestyle, people hardly apply any efforts to do any of those activities. If we do a simple 20-30 minutes per day of workouts can helps us a lot to gain good health. Natural fruits like apple, banana, mango and grapes and a good nutritious meal a day could help to improve our health. Easy and automatic life style is restricting us to do physical exercise which is required to keep the body fit. The big question among everyone is that how to earn a good habit which ensure the balanced and healthy body. Good Health is precious and is all that one looks for. Becoming healthier in today's hectic schedule is not an easy task and need lots of dedication. Nutrition and healthy Diet should be covered in basic education. There should be a separate stream in school course related to health, nutrition, and good eating habits. Children should be awarded enough about the benefits of good and healthy life style. Seasonal fruits play an important role to maintain the nutrition system as the foods are also related to our fitness and health. One should take parts in yoga class to maintain peace of mind and soul. Hygiene cooking and eating habits are must to leads a healthy like style. One should avoid use of automatic machine which make our life simple like lifts, washing machine, AC etc. but cause damage to our health.
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