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by:HuaYi     2020-07-08
Take notice of the clothes washed with a dryer. Though the effects may not come in a week or month, the clothes' constant exposure to intense, dry heat shorten their life span. It has been long ago since we stopped using garments because of our increase in size or their faded prints. Today, baby clothes are kept for only a couple of years, since they grow continuously. What we do not know is that dryers contribute to their skin irritations and diseases. Lents are the damage indicators. They are fibers and pieces of cloth that had been stripped away, found in the dryers' filters. Generally, people are aware of what they are but they choose to just disregard them. Though still soft, dryers make the clothes brittle, shrink and stained. These increase the risk of baby infections. They may allow quick drying, but the cost of it diminishes the baby clothes' quality. If you want to achieve the best laundry results, it only requires you two tasks: air dry and use organic laundry detergents every wash. Forget the dryers and commercial detergents. It's time for you to establish a clothesline, or if there's a small space allotted for drying, you can purchase a clothes rod or a drying rack. You can set them up easily, even just around the corner. These also boost your savings, for without dryers, you can monitor your electric consumption closely. Setting a clothesline is simple. Just simply take a piece of line and attach it between two stationary objects. Then hang each garment from one end to the other. However, if your homeowners association will not allow you to have clothes lines or if you are living in an apartment, you can use a single drying rack and clothes rod to dry your clothes. Drying racks can easily found at discount or hardware stores. This is designed to hang those garments that can't be hanged on a hanger. You can start at the bottom of the rack by hanging socks, underwear, wash rags, baby clothes and others. At the middle, you can hang small garments like hand towel, etc. The top rack is ideal for jeans, sweaters, pajamas and others. Just simply put your clothes hanger rod over the washing machine or somewhere in the laundry room. The use of organic laundry detergents is a significant factor as well. We all know that the conventional detergents in the market contain harmful chemicals that often disguise in their scents. You can achieve both fragrance and quality in organic products that are readily available. Cloth deterioration is not due to the mere failure of garment industries, but for the users' poor maintenance, too.
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