Dry Cleaning Machine

This series of Dry Cleaning Machine product uses the frequency conversion technology, the flexibility to select the washing for all types of clothing, take off fluid velocity, the clothes play a good protection; using refrigeration technology into the cylinder to control the temperature of the solvent, will be more suitable for fur class fabric dry; device configuration efficient refrigeration group, supplemented by a heat pump system, the drying time is short, energy consumption is reduced, Advanced large-screen computer controller with powerful operating functions, humane idea, perfect fault display, more secure, user-friendly operation.

Full closed dry machine is one of the most important achievements in dry cleaning equipment developing field. Its main outstanding function is that it reduces remain and emission of tetrachloroethylene during washing and keeps it in a safe range. Dry cleaning machine adapts foreign refrigerating recycling system with solvent. Stainless steel seamless tube has guaranteed the full closed condition during washing process. The dynamic balance appliance inside the machine reduces the wind drag, and there is no dead angle, to improve the machine reduces distillation and energy consumed by distillation. The recycle system is able to recycle deeply so as to minimize the consumption of tetrachloroethylene and cost.

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