Does HuaYi Washing Machinery provide ODM service?
If you have limited resources in building and creating designs, Shanghai HuaYi Washing Machinery Co.,Ltd can turn the concepts into concrete and tangible items. Tell us what are needs and expectations. In this approach, we take care of the R&D, product concepts, testing and manufacturing. A visit to our factory is welcomed. It will help you to gain an insider's perspective to us and to know how we operate.

With the help of ironer machine and ironer machine, HuaYi Washing Machinery now is growing rapidly in the global market. Various in styles, HuaYi Washing Machinery's laundry dryer can meet the needs of different customers. The quality of HuaYi Washing Machinery ironer machine is guaranteed by a number of factors. The performance, reliability, durability, visual and perceived quality of the garment can be counted on the excellent workmanship. Using full-suspension damping technology, the product requires no base. Eliminating the need for light reflecting and redirecting, this product features high light efficiency and less illumination loss. Using full-suspension damping technology, the product requires no base.

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