Does HuaYi enjoy high popularity?
Believe it or not, Shanghai HuaYi Washing Machinery Co.,Ltd enjoys high popularity since inception in China. Now our market has been expanded to overseas countries, and we have won reputation for quality, innovation, leadership, operations, and customer service. Treating customers with a unique, high-touch experience is what earns us good popularity.  Today our brand - HuaYi Washing Machinery is known as a Chinese manufacturer providing the highest quality HuaYi Washing Machinery in the widest range of sizes.

HuaYi Washing Machinery have years of industrial and trading experience in the industry of laundry and dryer. Various in styles, our team's laundry and dryer can meet the needs of different customers. our team laundry dryer will be tested in terms of various aspects. It will go through both physical and mechanical tests, including symmetry check, color shading, colorfastness, odor testing, size fitting, and burn tests. With an independent stop switch that can quickly cut off the power supply, it guarantees safety in an abnormal situation. This product has a very broad CRI spectrum value with up to CRI 90, providing different levels of illumination accuracy. It has received wide popularity for its good shock resistance.

Flexibility, creativity, and continuous improvement are all the values our company treasured most. We are seeking ways to drive business improvement through improved flexibility in production procedures and product innovation.
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