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by:HuaYi     2020-07-31
The latest model has the outer shell in black colour. The drum fitted is stainless steel and the tub is made of polyurethane material. The control panel is digitized and can be easily operated as it has a LED display. The left of the LED screen has the detergent dispenser and the LED screen has the entire programme selector. They include time setting, start/stop buttons, additional functions and few indicator lights. The washer dryer are front load and have a glass door which is reversible and gives the user a complete look of the wash inside. The portal door opens wide so that it is easy to load clothes inside the machine. The wash load includes 6kg and the dry load includes 4kg. This washing machine is fully integrated washer dryer and has 5 integrated programmes which include auxiliary, wool, drying, delicate and normal. Some other features incorporated are variable temperature suited to wash different texture of clothes. The normal wash programme consists of cold, quick, 30 degree C, 40, 60, 90 and a pre wash at 60 degree C. The auxiliary programme include wash for delicate fabrics which can be washed at cold water, 30 , 40 degree C. Woollen clothes can be washed at 35 degrees C. Drying of clothes can be done for delicate and normal dry. Other important features of this washing machine include delay start. This allows selecting programme up to 24 hours in advance and if required to cancel the delay start settings. There are some special programmes installed for users to choose from extra rinse, easy iron and intensive wash. The sensor drying function will automatically sense the load and switch on the function automatically and this feature helps to save energy. Extra foam is removed automatically so that the laundry turns out to be perfect. There is an automatic monitor to detect overflow of water. To ensure smooth operation of the washing a safety lock programme is fitted. One of the interesting features of this washing machine is it detects the load and balances during spin and stabilizes it. The De Dietrich washer dryer saves water and power and the manufacturer warranty on this product is 5 years.
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