China since the outbreak of the labor shortage in 2009

by:HuaYi     2020-07-20
Affected by the labor shortage, the rise in the price of the car washing industry one after another, according to an industry experts, the domestic car wash employees' wages twice two years ago, but even so, the manufacturers still have to face expensive to hire less than the dilemma of the car wash workers, and such a predicament is intensified. How to get rid of the dilemma, and allow enterprises to the Jedi Every generate must be solved for the Chinese car wash business owners. Well, so far, in the end what manner can alleviate the labor shortage, water and electricity cost increases, the impact of the car wash industry Dr. Zhao Ming, general manager of American Eagle's proposal to let the author sobering. According to Dr. Zhao Ming, changing with the development of market economy, China 's automotive supplies industry within the next 10 years will usher in a huge change in an industry reshuffle upcoming. The enterprises of the times, seize the market pulse of the times in order to continue to be based on the market. With the continuous improvement of the life of the Chinese automotive diy trend has been obvious that this trend to the concrete manifestation of a far-sighted enterprises need to be resolved. American Eagle as the business models of automotive beauty industry, it is to see the law of development of the industry and future trends, and is currently working in the automotive beauty DIY project and follow-up, in this project, the self-service car washes occupy a considerable weight. In his view, the self-service car wash will certainly be the development trend of China's auto industry and that this trend will also be realized in 5-8 years. To the author cited several data, the United States of washing a car is 420 yuan a Europe is 400 yuan a car wash prices in Canada and Australia reached 360 yuan and 350 yuan a, even in Hong Kong, China, car washing a car costs up to 120 Hong Kong dollars. Compared with these regions, the Chinese car wash costs is not worth mentioning, is also based on this, the Chinese car wash industry had just busy for a few years. With the continuous growth of labor costs and materials rising, the car wash industry in China will also like Europe, the United States, the cost rose. So grab the pulse of the times for the car washing industry, to seek a new way out side is the right way. Self-service car wash with its executable, can be manipulated and a huge environmental effects and market effects stand out in all kinds of way out. Way of self-service car wash has been a great promotion in Europe, the United States, owners of coin, credit card, to the self-service washing machine personally yourself car wash. Such car wash, not only environmental protection, energy conservation. And highlight the advantages of saving owners time and expenses on top of. It is understood that the United States, Europe and other places most of the old self-service washing machine from China, occupy a huge land resources and the technical superiority of the Chinese.
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