Bosch has been established for over one hundred

by:HuaYi     2020-08-05
Caring For the Environment As a major global manufacturer, the Bosch Company takes environmental issues very seriously. Every effort is made to use recyclable parts, particularly plastics, in their products, and their manufacturing process is as environmentally-friendly as possible. Energy saving is also high on the agenda when it comes to the design of any Bosch appliance, so helping to reduce the user's electricity bill and also saving valuable and dwindling natural resources. Domestic Appliances Bosch's wide product range means that you could equip your entire kitchen using only Bosch appliances. They make just about every piece of kitchen equipment you can think of. An important aspect to bear in mind is that as well as producing these items, the Bosch Group has a comprehensive spare parts and service organisation, so you should have no problems receiving help should anything go wrong with any Bosch appliance. Small Appliances From making a humble piece of toast to making the perfect cup of coffee or getting the most from your ironing, Bosch's design and technology help to make the most mundane tasks a pleasure. And it doesn't stop there. The small appliance range also includes vacuum cleaners and cooking aids such as blenders and microwaves, all produced with reliability and energy efficiency in mind. Large Appliances In this category Bosch produce fridges, freezers, dishwashers, ovens and washing machines. The latter can combine a dryer or stand-alone tumbler dryers are available. A wide range of Bosch washing machine is offered, varying in washing capacity and spin speed so that the needs of most families can be catered for. Many of the new models have an efficiency that can be from 10% up to a whopping 40% less than the 'A' rating for such machines. (This means 10% to 40% better). We asked at the start of this article, 'Could your home be a Bosch home?' From the information provided above we hope that your answer is a resounding 'YES!' The company's long experience and commitment to quality of build puts them at the forefront of domestic appliance manufacture. When you purchase a large and costly item such as a washing machine, you need to be sure that it has been built to give long and reliable service and that the manufacturer has a solid spare parts and service system in place. Whatever kitchen appliance you're looking for you're sure to find a suitable model in the Bosch range.
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