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by:HuaYi     2020-07-01
Top Load Vs. Front Load Washing Machine - Which Is A Better Choice? It is fairer to say that these washers have unique qualities that make them both ideal choices. The top load washer, for instance, has simple functions that will make it easier to operate. The clothes washing cycle is shorter and the maintenance can be done without a hitch. It is also not very prone to the appearance of molds and mildew. Front load washers, on the other hand, are more efficient washers. Thanks to its horizontal drum structure with a washer basket that tumbles, there is no need to use gallons of water because the small amount of water that it uses gets distributed evenly. It also saves you more on energy. Many front loaders have been equipped with features that can enable the machine to measure the right amount of time needed to wash your clothes. Staunch environmentalists might say that front loaders are the best choices. They are if you have managed to find not only an efficient brand but also a durable one. Since front loaders are quite prone to molds and mildew, their efficiency might be stomped upon by some of their problems. If you are head over heels in love with simple and functional laundry appliances, the reliable top loader is the best way to go. It is simpler to use and simpler to repair. Go over the pros and cons of using the top loader and the front loader and determine which type suits your laundry needs better. How To Find An Ideal Top Loader Once you have decided to choose a top loader, you would want to start scouring for the best brands and models. Here are some buying tips you would want to keep in mind: 1. Choose the right size. A big and bulky machine does not always give you a good basket capacity. You have to look for those compact top loaders with a fair size of drum or basket. One that can accommodate up to 8 kilograms of clothes is a good choice for medium t0 large size families. 2. There are now top loaders with eco-friendly features. Your top loader does not have to be inefficient. Check for energy-efficient features like a feature that can detect the amount of clothes in the basket so the machine can only use the right level of water. A machine that does the washing work quickly should also work well. There are those machines that can finish the cleaning work in just 30 minutes - a far cry from the 50 minutes or so of a front loader. 3. Check out the benefits of an agitator-less washer. It leaves more room for your clothes and it will let you wash even your most delicate garments. Instead of an agitator, it uses a wash plate found at the bottom of the machine. The churning action of the machine will be its cleaning feature. 4. Get your washer from a company that specialize in crafting durable top loaders. How To Buy A Front Load Washing Machine Here are some tips on how to buy a front load washing machine: 1. Compare efficiency Check the yellow energy guide sticker and know the annual energy consumption of the machine. Check how much energy the machine can consume in a year. Also find out if it offers a rebate on energy. If your area offers energy rebates, you can get some of your money back when using an efficient front loader. 2. It should be compact but it should also have a good washer basket size. Get the right size that can allow you to wash a lot of clothes in one cleaning cycle. 3. If you want to invest in very efficient brands, look for sensors. The machine should sense the right water level and the right amount of time needed to clean the garments. 4. It should have parts that can be installed, maintained and repaired easily. Buying a new dryer? Find out if the Whirlpool dryers are the best choices for your laundry needs. Visit us at for more information.
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