Any brands for high end dry cleaning machine ?
The manufacturers of high-end dry cleaning machine are usually aimed at the high-end market. With superior product quality and excellent brand image, they can attract consumers with low price sensitivity, high brand loyalty, and strong purchasing power. Premiumization means the products are not only strong in their performance but also appealing in their appearance. In essence, these high-end products are offered to achieve both functional utilities and bring emotional effect to users. Normally, these high-end manufacturers have a relatively smaller customer base and you may find them through their officially authorized agents and distributors.

Since many years ago, Shanghai HuaYi Washing Machinery Co.,Ltd has set up its own factory to manufacturing high quality laundry dryer. Various in styles, HuaYi Washing Machinery's dry cleaning machine can meet the needs of different customers. HuaYi Washing Machinery laundry machine and dryer is analyzed and inspected on the basis of strict quality requirements. It has passed the inspection of appearance, physical properties, finishing properties, colorfastness, etc. The product has the function of an alert warning. The product is not only able to produce steady light without flicker but also it has a fast response to the immediate turning on and off. Using full-suspension damping technology, the product requires no base.

To achieve sustainability, we will adopt the latest green manufacturing technology. We believe the application of the technology will improve sustainability and efficiency no matter in production methods or resource use.
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