This series of Laundry roning Mlachine are mainly used for the ioning nd ironing of sheets, edding ,illowcases and tabectoth .Suitabe for hote, hospital, tig bath,lageand nedium sized od apartment accommodation system,training base, professional laundy factoy. Used to lion sheels, bedding, illwcases,tablecoth and otherfabis Coth feding system afer dewateing of fabric(Slow moving conveyor belt and guide beliland lt is aso pressed to the surace of the hot rolr, the water in themovement is evaporated ,and the winkes are ioned when it is dry Afier reaiment,the fabric has a high degree of iatness artfical abor and low labor intensity. Theproduct ooks beatru the stoucture is reasonabe,the operatio is simpe,the maintenance is convenient This product adopis electic heating itis ieal equipment whichcan use ironing machine without steam condition.

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