Industial dryer machine is ne of our main series.Nomall; we can do semi-seel and full see appearance. DnyerMachine time is within 30 minutes.Our sze fom 12k9to 150kg, which can add coin machines for any sz . Manual operation valable during drying and it is very much easy to operate. Operator interace is clear and concise,and easy to understand easy to lean and easy tomaster, dynamic disolay machine numning,.such as the dyin temperatre, drying time and cooling time,faultwaming.Equiped gated secuity inkage wil top automatc: when loading door open in working process.Equipped with independent stop swich can quickal cut of power supplywhen the equipment in abnomal staion to ensure saety, Recenty, we relased our new product rapid dyer, which is more quicker than ordinary dryer machine. wehave studied the snercial channel to reduce half of the time

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