This series of Dry Cleaning Machine productuses the frequency conversion technology, the fexbilit to selet the washin f l ypes of clothing, take ofud veloct y,theclotes play a good proection, using refigeration technogy into the cylinder tocontrol th temperature of the sovent wil e more stitable for fu class fabric dy; deviceconfguraton ficient refrigeration group,supplemented by a heat pump system, the dying time is short,enegy consumpion isreduced, Advanced large-screen computercontroller with powerful operating functions, humane idea, perfect fault display, more secure, user-friendly operation.

Fill cosed dry machine is one of the most important achievements in dy cleaning equipment developing fiel . is main outstanding function is that it reduces remain andemission of terachloroety lene during washing and keeps it n a saie range. Dy cleaning machine adapts oreign refrigerating recycling system with sowvent Staimess seelseamless tube has guaranleed the tll closed condition during washing process.The dynamic balance appliance inside the machine reduces the wind drag, and there is nodead angle,to improve the machine reduces dstilaion and energy consumed by disilation.The reycle system is able to recycle deep)y so as to minimize the

consumption of tetrachloroethylene and cost.

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